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on: Τρίτη 28 Φεβρουάριος 2017, 12:02:05 μμ
Hi guys,

we have a german Transalper who owns a house in Greece. He is located in Crete and has also his transalp on the island and asked me, if it is possible to become a member of the Hellas Transalpclub. As i don't know anything about the Club policies and rules, i try it this way.

Maybe somebody can share information here or give me an official email-address, where he can ask for further details.

Any information is apprciated.

Kind regards Kay

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Reply #1 on: Τρίτη 28 Φεβρουάριος 2017, 12:53:15 μμ
Hi Kay,

Glad to see you here  :D

Please tell to your friend to send an email to ds(@)transalp.gr.

I hope I'll see you at ITT2017

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